More than 20 years distributing dental medical equipment.

Joana Tavares


What drives us daily is the desire to innovate and grow with you. Every day, we work focused on excellence and customer service; I believe that what distinguishes us is our technical knowledge and the quality of the materials and equipment that we put at your disposal, offering the best solutions at the best market prices! Thank you for your trust.

Diogo Alves


Twenty years with dentists. Proximity, quality, price and professionalism are our pillars. Thank you for being with us, we will continue to grow together.


Foundation of Douromed - Dental Medical Equipment in Vila Real.


Moved to the new facilities in Paredes and and started working with many international manufacturers.


Invested in increasing storage capacity, delivery and distribution and beginning of the representation and distribution of aparatolog, such as Swident Dental Equipment and Panoramic Radiology.


Invested in social networks, strengthening Douromed's connection with its customers.


Reformulation of the commercial approach and construction of a new showroom.

What we do

It is our mission to offer solutions and products for dental medicine, at a fair price and with absolute social and ethical responsibility, it is our motto to be with clients before, during and always after each business.

What we are looking for

In a persistent and convinced way a commitment to the future: to be the best company distributing equipment and medical-dental material in the eyes of our customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

What we believe

That being on the market with this commitment is to assume being with our clients in their daily practice, making their needs our work objective, as a belief and as a manifestation of will.

A belief, because we believe that success is only achieved through a balanced and sustainable management. A manifestation of will, because we want our action to contribute effectively to the development and evolution of dentistry.