PT-5 Ultrasons Woodpecker

PT-5 Ultrasons Woodpecker

Brand: Equipamentos Woodpecker

Reference : WP3001920021

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PT-5 Ultrasons Woodpecker
- Piezoelectric ultrasonic device that provides painless scraping, polishing and periodontal treatments.

- Ergonomics: Switch between Normal and Endo mode at the touch of a button.

- Design: Smart Tactile Safety Device that doesn't leak into the environment.

- Customizable: The PT5 has a choice of 12 power increment levels with intuitive touch and feel to easily adapt to individual clinical needs.

- Convenience: With 20 ml brands and can be used with hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine.

- Designed for Comfort: Ergonomic, autoclavable LED handpiece

- Safe and Hygienic: Autoclavable handle holder to prevent cross-infection Effective throughout the process Eliminates the need for tedious and uncomfortable manual scaling and does not injure the cementum.

- Built-in water reservoir: Can work with the built-in water reservoir or with the dental unit's water supply.

- Low impact force: Piezoelectric scalers use a low mechanical impact force and do not damage the surface of teeth or dental implants.

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